ELV Services

Access Control

Access control is a high-end system to secure entries into your premises fully.

We provide the latest and highly secured door access control solution to protect your home, office, or other spaces using smart technology. By understanding the current world needs, we offer the best smart door access solution in the UAE. Our efficient access control system is equipped with intelligent sensors and other features to track accurate data.

Structured Cabling

Efficient and functional network of properly linked cabling with associated hardware to enable clear telecommunication.

Various communication networks surrounding us involves complex structure and interlinking of cables and technological devices. Inferior cabling is one of the prominent causes of network failures and system breakdowns. Save your valuable business time by installing a standard high-quality cabling system to reduce downtime.

POS Solutions

Accurate storage and management of time, place, and other details of retail transactions.

For any retail business, point of sale (POS) or point of purchase (POP) are two critical factors that need to be recorded and stored for the retailer and customer reference. The Point of Sale involves the recording of customer purchase details and billing information. Our productive POS solution is the ideal method to effectively manage data and ensure the smooth functioning of your retail business. With quick processing and bill or receipts generation, you can provide a happy purchase experience to the customers.


Audio-Video Intercom System.

Visitor data storage for any premises is essential to ensure authorized person entry and avoid fraud or mishaps. EDGE DXB is a reputed technical services company in Dubai offering high-quality intercom systems and related accessories. We have an extensive range of audio-video intercom systems suitable for diverse businesses at highly affordable prices. We quickly supply, install, and integrate audio and video intercom systems for residential as well as commercial clients. Our constant efforts to be at the forefront of technology have helped us provide high-end security devices. Strengthen your premise security and monitor it 24 hours using our high-end intercom system. Fitted with high-quality cameras and speakers, the video intercom system enables the securing authority not only to see who is visiting but also to communicate with them at the ease of their seat. EDGE DXB, in association with renowned vendors, offers this high-performing technology to ensure a long-lasting user experience. These systems are also capable of integrating with sophisticated systems to meet the client's needs. We have a glorious track record of working with some of the significant diplomatic organizations requiring the highest security systems.

Smart TV Solutions

New-generation cabling network including integration of multiple satellite and broadcast signals.

EDGE DXB is a leading provider of MATV and SMATV solutions. Master Antenna Television (MATV) is a system in which multiple satellite signals are integrated and transmitted as a single signal into a cabling network. It includes a satellite dish and TV antennae to capture program signals from broadcast networks. Whereas, Digital Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) is a cost-efficient TV distribution system suitable for institutions such as hotels, offices, or hospitals. Digital SMATV captures and decrypts the selected channels that are then transmitted to the coaxial cable distribution system.

  • The user should buy a Satellite Receiver/Decoder to watch the channels.
  • Unlimited channels without any restrictions
  • Subscribe to view pay channels
  • SMATV capable of carrying MATV and CATV in addition to the satellite signal.
  • SMATV compatible with cable internet
  • Design a tailormade cable satellite solution
  • Wiring and cable termination services at your desired location
  •  Sustain distribution network
  • Install, Relocate, Subscribe or Renew services.

Gate Barrier

Boom system to perfectly control human or vehicular access to any premises.

EDGE DXB is your one-stop solution to avail high-quality boom bar or poles to block unauthorized vehicular or pedestrian entry into any outdoor premises. The boom bars are controlled with systems that have sensors to detect the credibility of the entrant and opens in a vertical direction on the confirmation. The boom bars are controlled electronically and block unidentified persons or vehicles at control points such as parking gates.

Sliding Door

Space-saving and modern doors for your interiors.

Sliding door systems are simple doors that open up in a horizontal direction by sliding to either side. They are highly beneficial in case of constrained interior spaces where you can't fit a standard hinged door to divide rooms. EDGE DXB offers various sliding doors that run over high-quality metal, vinyl, or wood tracks. We also provide automatic sliding doors fitted with high-technology motion detection sensors to open and close when needed. These sensors will be on the doors or embedded inside their frame in its surrounding.

Network Security and Antivirus

High-end network security system to safeguard the complete network.

A fully-equipped system is essential to establish a highly secured network system for your assets. EDGE DXB offers a high-end security system that guarantees to guard your electronic assets, including network traffic. It is immensely capable of protecting your software and hardware technologies by identifying the potential threats and arresting the harmful malware on time. With high-end multi-layers of defense systems, our network security solutions offer complete protection to your valuable data. It uses a strict identification process and only permit authorized access and block other malicious threats.