Commercial Cleaning Services

Sump Pit Cleaning

Generally, it is recommended to check sump pumps at an interval of three to four months by unveiling the inlet screen and proper cleaning. Regular cleaning can also turn out to be highly beneficial as it will remove any blockage and allow smooth flow. Usually, the base areas and interiors of the sump pump go unnoticed and this may lead to the accumulation of debris and blockage. Do you doubt if your sump pit is blocked inside as you haven't got it cleaned for a long time? Get professional help to clean it the right way at appropriate intervals. EDGE DXB will help you get a professional cleaning of your sump pit for the smooth flow of the sewage. Using powerful products and efficient tools, we offer quick and hassle-free sump pit cleaning services.

Water Tank Cleaning

Regular and in-depth cleaning of water tanks is essential to ensure a proper clean water supply in Dubai. As a leading technical contracting company in Dubai, EDGE DXB has an extensive team of trained and certified cleaning experts who offer professional cleaning services in the UAE. We only use high-quality chemicals and chlorine treatment solutions that meet all the standards and regulations prescribed by the Dubai Municipality. Our effective cleaning process involves the removal of thick mud using an automatic sludge pump, followed by cleansing the tank walls using chlorine solutions to eliminate fungus growth. Our experts will first inspect the water tank and create a detailed report and offer a correct plan and contract based on the inspection. All of our water tank cleaning works are solely focused on ensuring perfect sanitization and disinfection of the water storage tank to provide a clean water supply.

Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Traps is crucial for places that process or handle plenty of oily substances, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, food manufacturers, and canteens. It helps collect greasy substances by cooling down warm/hot greasy water. On cooling, the grease and water are separated, and oil are effectively trapped on top, while the cool water flows down the pipe into the sewer. EDGE DXB offers professional grease trap cleaning services to help to keep your sewer functional and eliminate any foul odor on your premises. It is highly essential at restaurants as lack of regular cleaning may lead to accumulation of any grease, obstructing the sewer system. Using high-quality oil tools and products, our professional cleaning service will ensure proper cleansing and elimination of fats or oil from the sewer water.