Deep Cleaning Services Dubai

Deep Cleaning Services Dubai

One of the most common health issues faced by the residents of Dubai is dust mite allergies. Dust mites are microorganisms that can cause mild to serious allergic reactions in people of all ages. Dust mites can become a significant and persistent issue, especially in places where there is a lot of humidity which only helps them grow and spread to all areas of the house. Dust mite infestations are more likely to occur in warm and moist climates which is why so many residents of Dubai need professional dust-mite cleaning services to get rid of the nuisance.

At Edge Dxb, we offer quick and efficient cleaning and sanitizing treatments that will get rid of any dust mites and other allergens on your furniture or upholstery. Our treatment is chemical-free and eco-friendly with no lingering odors afterward. We use state-of-the-art technology and the best materials available in the market to ensure the safe and effective removal of dust mites from your home in Dubai.

Our Deep Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services in Dubai include:

* Sofa Cleaning

The fabric of sofas often attracts dust mites, usually tracked in by the residents when they sit on the sofas wearing the same clothes they were wearing outside. Using Kirby Avalir, we can clean just about any type of sofa fabric quickly and efficiently.

* Mattress Cleaning

Your mattresses are another common spot that is prone to dust mite infestations. We offer deep cleaning of mattresses as well as using Kirby Machines to remove dust mites and other allergens to ensure your health and better sleep quality.

* Carpet Cleaning

Carpets, especially shaggy and thick ones can attract dust mites and cause serious respiratory issues among the residents. Using powerful Kirby Vacuums, we offer carpet deep cleaning and foam washing for the complete removal of any dust mite infestations as well as dirt and stains.

  • * Curtain Cleaning

Your curtains are also prone to dust mites, particularly if you like to keep the windows open which allows the dust and dirt from outside to flow inside your home and cling to your curtains. Our dust mite cleaning services include inspecting and cleaning your home curtains in Dubai to make sure your home is completely free of any mites!

 Signs You Need Cleaning Services In Dubai

House Dust mites are often associated with various respiratory illnesses and dermatological allergies including asthma and eczema. However, it is often difficult to find dust mites due to their small size and many people end up blaming the weather for their allergies and respiratory issues.

 Some of the common signs that you might have dust mites in your home, and you should hire an upholstery and furniture steam cleaning service in Dubai Include:


      The residents frequently experience breathlessness and wheezing when trying to go about their common household tasks.

        Coughing and runny nose occur frequently among the residents.

        People living in the house inexplicably experience a tight feeling in the chest.

        A common occurrence of rashes, itchy eyes, itchy nose, and itchy skin.

Benefits of Our Cleaning Services

Here is why you should choose Edge Dxb for all your furniture cleaning and dust mite removal needs:

● Better Sleep Quality

Getting your home furniture and upholstery cleaned frequently will help improve the air quality and eliminate any dust mites that cause allergic reactions allowing you to sleep better at night.

● Easier Breathing

Ensuring your respiratory health is more important than ever in the wake of the pandemic. Our dust mite cleaning service ensures better indoor air quality for your home which makes it easier for you to breathe without coughing or sneezing all the time.

● Bacteria Free Environment

Although dust mites don’t live on humans, spread disease, or bite you, they can result in the spread of harmful bacteria around the house. Mites live off microscopic skin cells that humans shed and can trigger the growth of bacteria and fungi inside the house. Controlling the dust mite infestation in your home with frequent upholstery and furniture cleaning can help you maintain a bacteria-free environment inside your home.

● Safe and Effective Dust Mite Eradication

At Edge Dxb, we use quality products and equipment to ensure the safe and effective removal of dust mites, any bacteria, and other allergens from your home. Our medical-grade dust mite cleaning service ensures that the pesky microorganisms won’t come back for a long time with proper care and maintenance of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions - Cleaning Services

Where are dust mites most likely to grow?

Dust mites are frequently found hiding within carpets, rugs, curtains, beds, and other furnishings around the house. Dust mite’s favorite hiding spot is the fabric of any kind as it allows them to burrow deep into the thin layer of fabric where the moisture from the humidity creates the perfect environment for them to thrive.

How Often Should you get your furniture and upholstery cleaned?

Did you know that an average human being sheds around 50 million skin cells every day? Since human skin cells are the favorite form of nutrition for dust mites, they are more likely to keep coming back unless you get your home cleaned every few months. Experts recommend hiring a furniture and upholstery cleaning service for dust-mite removal at least once every 3 to 6 months.

How long is the dust-mite removal process?

At Edge Dxb, our professional and affordable furniture and upholstery cleaning services can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the area that needs to be cleaned and the number of furniture and upholstery pieces that require treatment. We use Kirby Vacuum Machines to extract the dirt from deep inside the fabric and leave your upholstery fresh and clean in no time.